i Download - Spell, Style, and Grammar Checker for Bookmarklet

After the Deadline is no longer actively maintained and the hosted service has been shut down. All of the source code is available for download if you wish to run your own AtD server.

Add After the Deadline to Any Web-Page with One-Click!

Bookmarkets are one-click utilities that work from your browser's link bar. The After the Deadline bookmarklet helps you with your writing where ever you are.

How to Install

Add Proofreader <-- drag this link to your browser's link bar, or right-click and add as a bookmark.

Internet Explorer users: Right-click the Add Proofreader link, select Add to Favorites, click Yes, choose Favorites Bar from Create in, and click Add. Your favorites bar must be showing to see the Add Proofreader button.

Tested in Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 8. This bookmarklet does not work with Google Chrome.

How to Use

  1. Click the "Add Proofreader" link on your link bar to add a Proofread button above each text box.
  2. Click Check Spelling and Grammar to find spelling mistakes, misused words, and grammar errors
  3. Click Edit text to continue editing.


  • This bookmarklet is limited to 7,000 characters worth of text.
  • This bookmarklet only works on TEXTAREA form elements. WYSIWYG editors are not supported.
  • Text boxes inside of an IFRAME are not accessible to the bookmarklet.
  • The enter key will not add a line-break in proofreading mode.
  • This bookmarklet checks grammar, spelling, and misused words only. Style suggestions are turned off

Source Code

The source code to the AtD Bookmarklet is available.


Most plugins are licensed under the LGPL. Exceptions to this are noted. Visit the developers page to learn how to contribute.