After the Deadline is no longer actively maintained and the hosted service has been shut down. All of the source code is available for download if you wish to run your own AtD server.

Developer Resources


Would you like to make your software work with After the Deadline? Read this documentation to start.


All of these libraries are open source software. We (Automattic) have put several AtD projects on Github, so that you can feel free to fork them, hack them, and release your own versions.

If you'd like to port AtD to other editors/libraries, take a look at the AtD Core UI module.

Proxy Scripts

We provide a proxy solution for PHP to help get around cross-domain AJAX restrictions. For other platforms, the following solutions have been contributed:

Developer Note: When constructing an AtD proxy, make sure you send the Host and Content-Length headers. If you don't, your request will hang.

Multi-Lingual AtD

After the Deadline now supports French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish checking. Each language requires its own After the Deadline server. Plugins specify a language by routing a request to the correct AtD server. Our servers are:

  • English -
  • French -
  • German -
  • Portuguese -
  • Spanish -

Source Code

After the Deadline server software is available under the GNU General Public License. You can find documentation, data, and the source code download at


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